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Shanghai Qianneng Internal Combustion Engine Co., Ltd. is one of the important diesel engine enterprises in China, mainly engaged in the research and development, design, manufacturing, and sales of diesel engines,components and generator sets. At present, the company has a factory covering 35000 square meters of land and a production workshop covering over 25000 square meters.We have multiple platforms such as D114 series, 135/138 series, and G128 with power range from 171kw to 1300kw and speed of 1500/1800 rpm, providing users with a wide range of options.

为满足广阔的国际市场需要,公司引进英国新技术,融合中国制造的优势,在产品设计、生产技术和品质管控方面不断创新, 坚持国际化合作协同发展的战略思想,积极与国内外企业、科研院所、学者专家团体合作,建立了广泛的产业联盟,创立MAMKINS品牌并打造专业的SHANGHAI MAMKINS ENGINE CO.,LTD国际团队,于2023年以MAMKINS品牌的国际形象正式面向全球市场。我们重视与客户紧密合作,提供全方位售前、售中和售后服务,致力于为全球客户提供优质的动力解决方案。

In order to meet the needs of the vast international market, the company has introduced the latest technology from the UK, integrated the advantages of Chinese manufacturing, and continuously innovated in product design, production technology, and quality control. It adheres to the strategic concept of international cooperation and coordinated development, actively cooperates with domestic and foreign enterprises, research institutes, scholars and expert groups, establishes a wide range of industrial alliances, establishes the MAMKINS brand, and creates a professional SHANGHAI MAMKINS ENGINE CO, LTD international team officially launched the global market in 2023 with the international image of the MAMKINS brand. We value close cooperation with customers, providing comprehensive pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services, and are committed to providing the most advanced power solutions to customers worldwide.


Our business philosophy : customer first, reputation first.

Core values

【The good faith for this】Enterprise when by the good faith as this, every successful enterprise must set up to make others trust fine quality, machinery in good faith.

【The quality of the optimization】The premise of the quality and confidence. Dry to diesel engine, through strict quality control and testing procedures, to ensure that each product to consumer satisfaction.【Science and technology innovation】The source of science and technology, quality. Create a people-oriented, high quality diesel engine is the source of each and every one of us do people power.【Business philosophy】In order to a long-term strategic perspective Innovative products and services.【Our tenet】The user first, credit first.


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